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The future of parking is here.
And it looks really good.
No more fumbling with paper tickets!
70% faster traffic flow than systems using parking tickets.
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The one-stop shop you’ve been waiting for

Let’s face it, managing a car park can be a pain. From inefficient ticketing and payment systems to poor traffic flow to slow and outdated exits – the list goes on. SPT is here to change that. Our full-service solutions take the car park management from blah to ahhh.

The Car Park Entrance

Our hands-free license plate detection technology instantly registers your car, and our color-coded LED lighting system leads you through the barrier in seconds.

  • No more fumbling with paper tickets! Fast, contactless entry

  • 70% faster traffic flow than systems using parking tickets

  • Ultra-futuristic design, bright LCD touchscreen display

  • No requirement to refill the tickets, no ticket jamms

  • No more lost ticket issues leading to lost revenue

The Pay Station

New solutions are not just safer but also more convenient, faster, and enjoyable for the user.

  • Flexible configuration options to meet your requirements and budget

  • New coin, note handling technology for smooth operation

  • Accept discount coupons / QR codes

The Car Park Exit

Exit bottlenecks are a manager’s worst nightmare. Our technology gets cars paid and on their way faster.

  • Many methods of user friendly payment with EMV compliance

  • Instant license-plate detection

  • No fumbling around for tickets

Increase monthly revenues. We’re approximately 30% less expensive and 70% more efficient.


Our license plate recognition software (and no tickets) makes it easy for customers to simply drive up to the barrier, tap their credit card, and go – all within seconds!


Our ultra-futuristic system is 100% cloud-based, requires virtually no wiring, and will make you look awesome. Set it and forget it.

  1. Technoso Control Systems is a global leader in Ticket-less parking technology with a proven record of approximately 100 operational ticket-less car parks.
  2. The company has created one of the only (if not the only) wireless parking access system in the world.
  3. The full system requires only an electricity point with no need for communication lines, dedicated servers/computers, and local control rooms.
  4. Using these technologies, we are able to provide customers with a great user experience, low initial costs, and low maintenance costs.

Manage your car park from wherever, whenever

Measure and monitor your car park traffic with real-time images, access reports, statistics, and financial data, control all barriers and gates, track up-to-the-minute space availability, add/remove users, and more.

100% cloud-based - access your info anywhere, anytime

Stop juggling multiple providers, we are a one-stop-shop

Open API for easy integration with existing systems

Entrance and Exit Terminals of the future

As part of the BluePT line of parking management systems, we offer both Ticketless and Ticket-recycle terminal options for both the entrance and exit lanes. All our terminals run on the BluePt cloud operating system which makes it possible to simply push the software configuration over-the-air and to fully control remotely.